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Item Introduction:Dental X-Ray Film is a twofold emulsion fast non-screen X-beam film with fine grain and high complexity. Very Thin ∑(sigma) – LIC Grain Technology conveys high goals and fine-grain pictures


Dental X-Ray film utilized for dental X-Ray conclusion, after standard build up the methodology, it indicates tooth hard tissues, for example, veneer, dentin, cementum, and periodontal tissues structure, for example, dental mash delicate tissue and periodontium. It gives important imaging premise to center conclusion. Indeed! Star dental X-beam film correctly cutting from Japan film roll.


Promptly growing, rapidly obtain pictures.

No requirement for preparing machine, sparing space for the facility.

The blend of Yes! Star mono shower with GY-D film expanding imaging capacity.

Quick imaging improves proficiency.

The more slender film, increasingly agreeable to the client

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