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Vinyl Examination Glove
Vinyl Examination Glove

Vinyl Examination Glove

Vinyl Examination Glove is used to enable stretch and versatility. Whilst they are also able to hold up against punctures, stretch and general wear and tear. Since vinyl gloves are synthetic and non-biodegradable, they have a longer shelf life than latex gloves, which often start to break down over time. Vinyl Examination Glove has a higher puncture resistance than any other glove material. Nitrile also has a better chemical resistance than Latex or Vinyl gloves. Allergic reactions to vinyl gloves are almost nonexistent. Difference between Latex and Vinyl gloves?

The use of vinyl gloves, considered “hypoallergenic”, has become more and more frequent, both among healthcare workers and among housewives. However, contact allergy to vinyl gloves is not so rare, and it is often difficult to identify the hapten responsible for allergic dermatitis. Most elastomeric gloves contain accelerators. Gloves are very helpful in protecting your hands from exposure to irritating chemicals and water. But often the rash from gloves is irritation from wetting and drying inside the glove and not a true allergy. Allergy to latex is very serious and can lead to a life-threatening condition called anaphylaxis. Made of different polymers including latex.

Difference between Latex and Vinyl gloves?

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