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Topical Dental Anesthetic Gel Master Dent

Topical Dental Anesthetic Gel Master Dent


  • Ace Dent® Topical Anesthetic is a quick acting, dependable gel with no foundational ingestion. The benzocaine gives transitory help of torment and uneasiness during methods, including nearby sedative infusions, periodontal curettage, impression taking, scaling, intra-oral radiographs, root planing, and prophylaxis. The gel solaces patients with ulcers, wounds or other minor mouth disturbances. Ace Dent® Topical Anesthetic has no severe lingering flavor and is presently accessible in four incredible tasting flavors.


– Rapid 30

-second activity 4 incredible flavors

-No harsh persistent flavor


  • Air pocket Gum Topical Anesthetic Gel (Benzocaine 20%), 1 oz.
  • Jar.Manufacturer Code:47-149
  • Brand: Master-Dent
  • Flavor/Color: Bubblegum
  • Form: Gel
  • Packaging:1 oz container of gel
  • Type: Benzocaine 20%

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