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Temporary Filling Fermin


Fermin is a bond for transitory seals It is a glue for brief fixing. Fermin acts under the impact of the salivation in 15 minutes after which the patient can not be presented to an incredible weight of biting during 60 minutes.


High cement solidarity to the cavity.

Brilliant negligible fixing.

Simple to clean and evacuate.

Shading: Opaque white.

Product Information:

Maker: DETAX.

Maker Reference: DETAX02054 .

Substance: 40g jug

Ready-to-use filling material

for temporary fixing. Setting in the mouth under the impact of saliva.Great cement quality in the cavity, magnificent minimal fixing, simple to expel. Medicinal gadget Cl. IIa

Shading: white hazy.

Graftys in Post-extraction Implant

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