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Dental X-Ray Film

Product Introduction:

Item Introduction: Dental X-Ray Film is a twofold emulsion rapid non-screen X-beam film with fine grain and high differentiation. Very Thin ∑(sigma) – LIC Grain Technology conveys high goals and fine-grain pictures


Dental X-Ray film used for dental X-Ray diagnosis, after regular develop a procedure, it shows tooth hard tissues such as enamel, dentin, cementum, and periodontal tissues structure such as dental pulp soft tissue and periodontium. It provides necessary imaging basis for clinic diagnosis.


  • Yes! Star dental X-ray film precisely cutting from Japan film roll.
  • Immediately developing, quickly acquire images.
  • No need for processing machine, saving space for the clinic.
  • The combination of Yes! Star mono bath with GY-D film increasing imaging capability.
  • Fast imaging improves efficiency.
  • The thinner film, more comfortable to the customer

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