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Artificial acrylic resin WELBITE TEETH Lower are commonly used in the fabrication of partial and complete dentures. With advantages such as ease of occlusal adjustment, excellent shock absorption, and chemical bond with the denture base. However, they fall short with regard to the maintenance of a proper esthetic appearance due to low wear resistance and low color stability. Acrylic resin teeth interpenetrating polymer network type (IPN), artificial teeth with double cross-linked polymers.

Ideally, the color and the surface of the artificial teeth should remain unchanged over time. However, due to its adverse properties, these teeth may have these altered characteristics mainly for carrying out some routine procedures among denture wearers, such as hygiene by brushing and consumption of dye beverages. Considering that toothbrushing is the most used method for denture cleaning. This technique can promote superficial abrasion of the denture base resin and artificial teeth. Abrasion caused by toothbrushing can result in increased surface roughness, which facilitates the accumulation of biofilm, and may still be associated with increased deposition of dyes derivatives of beverages, resulting in staining of teeth and esthetic damage.

Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of toothbrushing. And immersion in beverages in surface roughness and color stability of two types of acrylic resin teeth. The null hypothesis tested was that, for each type of tooth, the treatments do not influence on these physical properties. WELBITE TEETH Lower used in Partial Denture.

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K6, K3, 24, 25, 27, 35, 36


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