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Product description

Straight Artificial Scissor allows better visual control during cutting and is generally preferred in laparoscopic surgery. To some degree, they are similar to the Metzenbaum scissors of open surgery. A high caliber Straight Artificial Scissor ideal for cutting hardened steel, aluminum, and polycarbonate crowns. The bleeding edge remains sharp however rehashed employments. Our line of particular instruments gives you reliable toughness and accuracy. As a result of Denovo’s high responsibility to quality, all instruments. Dental scissors designed to cut and/or trim prosthetic material. These scissors are typically handheld, manual, heavy-duty instruments with two metallic (stainless steel) blades with sharp edges that slide past each other (shearing action). Task Forged in Japan.

  • ISO, CE and FDA Certified.
  • Autoclavable and Sterilizable.
  • Made with Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Task Forged in Japan.
  • Hand Inspected in the USA.

Undertaking manufactured with careful evaluation treated steel in Japan, so no rust or corruption of the steel through rehashed cleansings. To guarantee the quality, we investigate each instrument before it ships. At long last our “bother free” merchandise exchange gives you genuine feelings of serenity. Sharp Operating cut tougher tissue and are frequently used for dissecting, whereas blunt Operating these are more often used for cutting materials such as sutures, tubing, or gauze. Made with Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.

They include bandage, dissecting, iris, operating scissors, stitch scissors, tenotomy, Metzenbaum, plastic surgery, and Mayo scissors.

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