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This silicone cup can be reused over and over for mixing the resin. Just leave any leftover resin to cure in the cup, and just peel it out when hard. If the resin in unmixed, use hot soapy water to clean it out. A washable, reusable silicone cup perfect for mixing epoxy resins, paints, dyes and more. If you use a scale to measure your epoxy and hardener, then you can reuse the cups once the resin dries. If you want to do a more thorough cleaning job, get some rubbing alcohol, pour it on a paper towel or cloth, and wipe down the tools again. Then wash with hand soap and hot water. This works for plastic stir sticks, epoxy resin spreaders and mixing cups.

Medium silicone cups for dentistry

  • Features: Silicone cups to make mixes in dentistry from Protechno
  • Available types: Small, Medium and Large
  • Contents: 1 cup

Features of the Mestra Dental Silicone Cups:

  • Silicone material cups
  • Used in dentistry to make mixtures of cement, acrylic resins…
  • Small cup: Diameter 28 mm; Height 27 mm; Capacity 8 cm3; 0.006 kg
  • Medium cup: Diameter 34 mm; Height 32 mm; Capacity 13 cm3; 0.009 kg
  • Large cup: Diameter 50 mm; Height 50 mm; Capacity 40 cm3; 0.024 kg

Product Information:

  • Types: Small, medium, large
  • Manufacturer: Mestra
  • Manufacturer Reference: Small: 060150; Medium: 060160 and Large: 060170
  • Contents: 1 unit

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