Orthodontic Adhesive Kit


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1. This product is one kind of orthodontic direct bonding system resin with aromatic bis dimethyl acrylate resin as its main material.

2. As a new-type orthodontic direct bonding system, it is convenient to use with little waste, easy to handle independently and has a favorable clinical bonding strength.

3. It consists of primer and paste with acid etchant, spatulas and small brusher as its accessories.

Preparation: Clean tooth enamel surface,eliminate tooth contamination,rinse then isolate tooth and blow-dry.

Etching:Etching the enamel of the tooth with acid etchant for 50 or 60 sec. Rinse and dry with clean air. If the enamel does not have a chalky appearance, pls. repeat the process;

Brushing: apply a thin layer of the primer over the etched enamel with the brusher;

Packaging Detail:

1 x bottle(3ml)Primer

1 x Syringes (3.5g each)Paste

1x Syringes (2.5ml)etchant Gel

7x Brushes

1xSyringe tip


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