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The modeling wax of choice. The unique well-balanced composition makes Cavex Set Up Wax easy to work with. Creating a prosthetic model is an art. It’s all down to the talent and skills of the dental technician, his or her close collaboration with the dentist and the superior qualities of the modeling wax. For the modeling wax, the dental technician accordingly lays down demanding requirements. And Cavex Set Up Modeling Wax really does act like wax in the technician’s hands. The secret of a good modeling wax lies in the recipe.

Cavex carefully combines paraffin, micro waxes, natural wax, and pigments to ensure that the melting points are never too far apart, thus ensuring an even and predictable melting and curing. Because circumstances and personal preferences vary, we offer you a choice of Soft, Regular, Hard and Extra Hard. The procedure is the same, but the melting point and the final hardness differ. The wax plates are of ample size and are usually sufficient for two prostheses. Besides its use as a bite wafer Cavex Set, Up Modelling Wax can also be used as a boxing wax because of its excellent adhesion to the impression tray. Thanks to its ideal consistency this wax is popular with dentists for bite registration.


  • pink modeling wax for prosthetic dentistry (setting up teeth)


  • composition based on a perfect combination of paraffin, micro wax, and bee’s wax
  • the wax has a great tenacity
  • no distortion of the wax, due to the small range (<5%) of melting points
  • ideal for partial prosthesis
  • no runniness or droplet formation
  • pink (similar to the mouth situation)
  • one sheet is enough for two prosthesis
  • size: 18.6 x 8.9 cm

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