Mani BROACHES 21MM #1-6


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Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like completed edges with high malleability make for superb working qualities. Health-Tec Mani Broaches are endodontic instruments used to remove pulp tissue during root canal procedures. Mani Broaches are made of stainless steel for greater strength and flexibility. They are 32mm in length with 21mm in working length. A Barbed broach is an instrument used to remove pulp tissue during endodontic (root c treatment). It is manufactured from round wires, and the smooth surface is notched to form barbs. There are smooth broaches too available, which act as pathfinders into the root canal. They are very sharp with a cutting tip. Their use in a push-pull fashion results in a high level of debridement on removal from the root canal. They are also used for removal of root canal filling materials e.g. gutta-percha during secondary root canal treatment.

Pulp extirpation is the removal of the nerve of the tooth. An opening is made in the tooth to create access to the root canals. An x-ray will be taken to confirm the root canal has been located. Then the pulp, nerve and infected tissue are removed using a small instrument called a broach. If it is a small chip, we may simply smooth it out. For a larger break, the dentist may fill in space with a composite material that matches your other teeth. If you are in severe pain, are bleeding excessively, have a major break, or have lost a tooth, that is a dental emergency and you should contact us. Treatment of a pulp polyp in a permanent tooth includes either root canal therapy or extraction of the tooth. The more conservative pulpotomy treatment has been successful in selected cases when only the coronal pulp is affected.


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