HY Bond GlasIonomer CX Smart 15g


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HY-Bond GlasIonomer CX-Smart is a really biocompatible contemporary luting glass ionomer that ensures dependable cementation for enduring reclamations. Both the glass and fluid polymer parts in the CX-Smart detailing have been changed to improve the working and taking care of properties for a more straightforward, cleaner application.

In view of Shofu’s demonstrated history in self-cement luting innovation, HY-Bond CX-Smart contains SHOFU’S restrictive added substance HY-specialist, “a tannic corrosive strontium fluoride-zinc fluoride complex” that is known to advance mineralization, increment corrosive obstruction and lessen solvency with hostile to bacterial and against enzymatic properties while essentially killing extreme touchiness.


  • Artificially bonds to the tooth structure for superb minor seal and sharp set with wonderful dampness resistance.
  • No engraving or bond for a fast, simple and straightforward application-ideal for pediatric, geriatric and extraordinary necessities patients.
  • Tar free, appropriate for patients with tar sensitivity.
  • Ideal thixotropicity and even film thickness with solid actual properties, high corrosive obstruction and low oral solvency.
  • HY-added substance guarantees for all intents and purposes no post-usable responsiveness and good mash reaction.
  • Savvy and productive.


Hy-Bond Resiglass Set Contains:

  • 1 x 15gm Powder
  • 1 x 8.6ml Liquid
  • Mixing Pad