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Hand Piece Led Light systems. It provides natural color reproduction, shadowless and deep lighting. It has a cold bright white light and keeps the comfort. The tungsten-halogen curing light, also known as simply as the most frequent polymerization source used in dental offices. In order for the light to be produced, Hand Piece Led Light is an electric current flow through a thin tungsten filament, which functions as a resistor. Studies have found that blue light kills off the bacteria that causes tartar build-up on the teeth. You can also lessen the risk of gum disease.

However, when a dental resin-curing light is used the dental pulp tissue is exposed to electron irradiation. Light with wavelengths of less than 500nm, also known as near ultraviolet or blue light, has been shown to cumulatively harm the eye’s retina and decrease the ability of the macular region of the retina to provide sharp vision. Most dentists make today’s fillings from composite resin. Many dentists still use silver amalgam and glass ionomer fillings, too. Fillings work by replacing the part of the tooth destroyed by tooth decay. The dentist molds them to match the shape of the surrounding tooth.

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