Glasionomer FX ULTRA 10G


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A really self-cement, mass filling glass ionomer supportive, GlasIonomer FX Ultra beats traditional restoratives in its group, with remarkable new definition gives unrivaled style, clarity, enduring caries obstruction and security.

GlasIonomer FX Ultra has an ideally offset definition with high introductory reactivity and fast development process that essentially levels refractive files of the glass center and the lattice to give a strikingly steady, solid, clear and fluoride-rich reclamation.


  • Striking Translucency For An Easier Shade Match And Better Esthetics.
  • Unrivaled mechanical properties for solid back rebuilding efforts.
  • Great wettability of powder and fluid guarantees a simple and quick blend.
  • Unrivaled Handling characteristics with satisfactory working time and a sharp setting response.
  • Low solvency and corrosive disintegration.
  • Critical fluoride discharge and re-energize.
  • Simple to pack and adjust.
  • Accessible in conceals A2, A3, A3.5, B2.

Individually packed in:
-Powder 10g, Liquid 5.2ml (6.5g)
-Measuring scoop, Spatula, COCOA BUTTER, Mixing Pad, UNIVERSAL STRIPS