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Endoseptone(PD Swiss)Solution for Dental UseProperties: Endoseptone is an answer which offers a triple-activity: bactericidal, sedative and mitigating. It likewise diminishes the danger of hypersensitive reactions. Indications: Disinfection of the root waterway and profound caries treatment against gangrene of the pulpDisinfection of thin, obturated or mostly calcified root canalsDirections for use: Dry the root trench altogether Following a pulpectomy embed 1 or 2 drops of the planning into the root channel and enable a couple of minutes for it to produce results. Evacuate any abundance arrangement with a cotton pellet or a cloth.- Following the extraction of gangrenous mash use as a dressing by embeddings into the root waterway. Leave « in situ » for in any event 3 days. Ensure the trench is totally cleaned after that period. In the event that this isn’t the situation, rehash the dressing before the last obturation. Economy: About 260 patients can be treated with a container of EndoseptoneOrdering Information:- Bottle of 15 ML

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