Alcohol Spray Disinfectant


Alcohol Spray Disinfectant

alchohel spry alcohle spry sapry sepry disenfactant desinfectant


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Zones of ApplicationActosept:

Af can be utilized in the quick surface sterilization any place needed;• Operating room table, sheep and fixtures• Carriers, crisis help automobiles, stretchers, and ambulances• Dental machines and hardware; fraise closes, aerator caps• Nurse work areas, tables, and chairs• Dressing trays• Areas in the workplace of specialists and dental specialists which require fast disinfection.• Areas in incessant contact with hands and skins; toilet skillet, washbasins, taps, entryway handles and so on.

100 g contains: 50 g Ethanol, 10 g 2-Propanol, 0,05 g Didecy

  •  – 30 sec Battericida1 conc.
  • – 1 min Tuberculosis/conc.
  • – 30 sec HCV/HBV/HIV conc.
  • – 30 sec Adenovirus/Rotavirus/Vacciniavirus/SARS fungicidal conc.
  • – 30 sec.PrecautionsFlammable.
  • Danger of genuine harm to eyes. Vapors may cause sluggishness and discombobulation. Try not to inhale splash. Maintain a strategic distance from contact with eyes. If there should be an occurrence of contact with eyes, wash promptly with a lot of water and look for therapeutic exhortation. Whenever gulped, look for medicinal counsel quickly and show compartment or name. Utilize just in well-ventilated zones. Wear eye/face assurance.


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