Acrylic Rapid Set (Flexite – USA)


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Product Description: 

Rapid Set dental acrylic powder for Flexite repairs and additions. Qyk-Set is a rapid setting cross-link copolymer acrylic that takes just two minutes to set with little shrinkage. This temporary material can be used for assembly of implants, copings and crowns, occlusal stops for bite registration, repair of dentures and ortho appliances. Kemdent’s Simplex Rapid Powder and Liquid is a self-curing and cold cured acrylic material with multiple applications. It mixes easily with Simplex Rapid Liquid. Wholesale Trader of Tooth Repairing Products – Ashvin Dental Solution, Colored Cold Cure Solution, Ashvin Dental Cold Cure Liquid. Another name: Rapid repair; Self-polymerizing for all acrylic dentures.

Dental acrylic is the preferred material due to its rapid setting time (less than ten minutes under warm conditions). This allows for minimal handling . Excellent denture base material for fixing dentures and doing augmentations or relining. Extra plastic for increments to adaptable partials in non-flexing territories. The acrylic doesn’t set completely because it has somehow become. The Quick Up is then syringed into the attachment reservoir in the denture. I have also used this material to reattach a denture tooth. Excellent strength and fast setting material of choice when using the drop.

  • Amount: 100g
  • Available in Pink and Clear



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