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Kromopan Alginate

Product description

Kromopan is chromatic alginate with over 168 hours of dimensional dependability. It is dental specialists’ top decision among alginates. The chromatic stage marker assists with the arrangement of impressions without stressing over temperature changes or explicit water hardness. Kromopan’s shading pointer will control the administrator through the well-ordered system. •Purple: Spatulate until the pink shading shows up. •Pink: Load the plate and trust that the white will show up. •White: Insert in the patient’s mouth to take the impression. The set time in the mouth is just 30 seconds which takes into consideration an increasingly agreeable encounter for your patient. Kromopan can be utilized to set up the accompanying impressions: •mobile prostheses •removable and fixed prostheses opponent •preliminary models •study models Features •The first-ever alginate with a chromatic stage pointer: Purple/Pink/White •Class-A, type 1 alginate •Easy to blend •Thixotropic •Extra-quick, in-mouth least setting time: 30 seconds •High precision: 20 micron •Long dimensional security: 168 hours •Dust-free •Packaging ◦KRM302 – KROMOPAN 1LB POUCH

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