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Expansion Screw Double

Expansion Screw Double

Fixed maxillary and mandibular expanders incorporate a wide scope of apparatus structures. The fixed expanders use some component of power (expansion screw Double, self-actuating spring or wire initiation) for the advancement of the curve. These fixed plans require insignificant patient consistence and give the specialist complete control during dynamic orthodontic treatment. Helper connections, for example, sections and propensity breakers can be mentioned for the majority of the expander machines.

The Expansion Screw Double expander is used in situations that require a larger degree of arch development but a physically smaller screw is desired.

Made of stainless steel and biomedical technopolymer. Continuous expansion movement: the high-pressure injection of the polymer allows the perfect copy of the male thread of the screw thus ensuring a steady expansion transmission without the risk of undesired turning back in the mouth. The self-centering rectangular guides ensure a biomechanical and absolutely controlled symmetrical expansion. The flat shape of the guides and their flexibility allow the gradual release of the expansion. With a physiological orthodontic movement. The flexibility of the screw allows the adjustments of any dental regress due to inconsistent use of the appliance by the patient. Thus being very effective withholding devices following a rapid expansion treatment. The high adaptability of the appliance enables a comfortable application in the mouth in the days following re-activation.

The Leone expansion screws for removable orthodontic appliances derive from 80 years of extensive research. Design and millions of clinical cases. The entire production process takes place in Italy with computer-aided automated machines. And male screw threads with centesimal tolerances and total absence of surface roughness. The wide range available allows the production of any type of removable device.

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