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Dental Titanium Screw Post for Endodontic Treatment UsageMaterial: Made from imported, unadulterated titanium, which is tissue good and is the metal for the most part prescribed for human implantHow to Use Nordin Screw Posts

Utilize a reamer that will coordinate the chose screw post. The root waterway ought to be extended with the reamer and developed to the ideal profundity. Flighty development of reamer ought to stay away from. Utilizing the key, the post ought to be in a bad way into the root to check the length of the channel. At the point when this is done expel the screw post. In the wake of cleaning and drying the root trench and the post, the post is dunked into bond and screwed home. A screw set in the mesial and distal trenches gives a decent port. Screw posts give this plausibility, as a result of the great variety in sizes.


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