Dental Surgery Design

Distinguished dental surgery design Let us take care of every aspect of your dental fit-out, from concept to construction: Site surveys and space planning. Planning and advisory services, including building control approvals. Concept and dental office interior design. Radiation shielding.

Dental surgery design is a broad term that refers to a broad range of medical procedures. That involves the gums and teeth. These include root canal, implants, and wisdom tooth extraction. First, the dentist will open up your gum tissue and clean up any bone. And debris that’s covering the wisdom tooth.

Dental surgery can be designed to suit a number of different locations ranging from a refurbished residential dwelling or within a community hospital to a stand-alone purpose-built facility. The layout of these surgeries will vary depending on their setting and this can have a fundamental effect on a) the patient experience and b) effective hygiene practices. Early consideration of how these adjacencies and circulation routes can affect each other, is key to a successful, efficient and pleasant environment for both patients and staff.

In most instances the chair should be positioned to allow easy transfer for patients, particularly catering for those who are less able. Good orientation of the chair is where it aids privacy and dignity ensuring that modesty is maintained when the patient is in a vulnerable state. The foot of the chair should therefore face away from the surgery door, offering patients, particularly women wearing skirts, a level of modesty. This also means that, should a dentist need assistance, help can be provided discreetly and quickly, however, this is not possible in all layouts.

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