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Rubber Dam Kit

Dental Rubber Dam Kit

A Rubber Dam Kit is a flimsy, six-inch, latex or nitrile square sheet. Dental Rubber Dam Kit is used in dentistry as a shield to separate at least one teeth. The strategy used to apply the dental dam is chosen by the tooth requiring treatment. A few systems can be used including single tooth detachment, different tooth separation or split dam methods. The dental dam is used to punching at least one openings in the dental dam sheet to empower the disengagement. The dental dam is then applied to the tooth, tied down into spot utilizing metal or adaptable plastic brace.

The clip will unmistakably fit cozily around the tooth along the edge of the gingiva. Balancing out the dental dam and counteracting defilement of the working region because of salivation entrance. The dental dam sheets are dominatingly produced using elastic materials such as latex, in general. It is 15 cm x 15 cm long and width.

The thickness of each dam sheet is roughly somewhere in the range of 0.14mm and 0.38mm yet the size. Shape, shading, and material that the dam sheet is produced using can fluctuate with contrasting makers. Most makers will likewise make dental dam sheet options that are appropriate for patients with hypersensitivities to materials, for example, latex and some may even make options that can be autoclaved. The dental dam is tied down around the crown of the tooth utilizing a metal clamp to seal. And verify the elastic dam sheet to the tooth or teeth that are getting treatment during the dental strategy. The clamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes which suit the anatomy of the different teeth in the mouth.


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