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Dental Needles

Dental Needles C.K JECT korea

Dental needles are used to deliver local anesthetic. To the operative site in order to make a patient as comfortable as possible. Dental needles that are as atraumatic as possible for your patients. And as with all sharps, be sure to properly dispose of a needle after completing treatment on the patient. The length of the needle can vary some by the manufacturer. But usually, from hub to tip, a long needle is about 32 mm (1.5 inches) and the short is about 20 mm (1.0 inch).

Dentists inject local anesthetics through a thin needle, usually after applying a topical anesthetic to the area. The patient seldom, if ever, feels pain from the prick of the needle used for the injection. At worst, they may feel a brief, slight pressure at the point of insertion.

Wider gauge needles may need to be used for areas on the body with thicker skin. Such as the soles of the feet. The most common needle gauges are 26- and 27gauge needles. The gauge starts at the lowest gauge number of 5Ø or 00000, corresponding to the largest size of 0.500 inches (12.7 mm) to the highest gauge number of 36, corresponding to the smallest size of 0.004 inches (0.10 mm).

The smaller the gauge the larger the needle22 or 23 Gauge, 1.5 Inch is ideal for injections into the glutes. 25 Gauge, 1.0 inch is ideal for injections into the quads and can be used for all spot injections. It hurts about as much as a good pinch, but that is all.

Made in Korea

C-K JECT 27G x 25mm
Code: 002-0005

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