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«Cresodent-VladMiVa» dental liquid is used for antiseptic treatment of infected canals.


«Cresodent-VladMiVa» dental fluid is broadly utilized as a functioning sterile of neighborhood move when endodontic tasks make place. The material is a fluid containing:

chlorophenol, for example dynamic bactericidal substance;

camphor highlighting disinfectant and narcotic impact and relaxing phenol activity;

dexamethasone (0,1%) highlighting mitigating and hostile to hypersensitive impact for brisk decrease of agony.

The material does not aggravate periapical tissues if not blended with different substances.

Because of low surface pressure coefficient, the material is unpredictable and infiltrates rapidly into dental little waterways. «Cresodent-VladMiVa» fluid jelly its properties when reaching blood, serum and proteins.

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