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■ Excellent castability 

This new acceptance warming unit empowers to meaning sans  porosity dence throwing in light of the fact that dissolving compound is not  by gas fire and never assimilates any gas. Chamber  inverting throwing strategy has no plausibility of involving  oxidation film. Furthermore, the weight 0.45MPa by  vacuum and weight is adequately ground-breaking looked at to  outward throwing 0.1MPa. Additionally, the keeping up weight  prevents shrinkage cavity and empowers to make any  unpredictable throwing results.

 ■ Various casting 

Accessible at giving different cases such a role as Inlay, Crown,  Implant structure and Denture. Usable combination for dental  use is Precious~ Non-Precious aside from Titanium amalgam.

 ■ Operation panel 

The buttons are placed for the flow of casting.   

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